The Icy Coast

W22 Disease is No Laughing Matter

Wednesdays Session 22

Found valley fort, Diseased Retreat – no Laughing Matter

Still diseased, we encounter the sickest thing we’ve ever seen: a patrol coming our way that consists of two champion priests, nine spearmen, and four archers, marching in formation. Oh, and One Giant Red Penis.

I nearly get cut down from the archers because I completely forget about one of my newer magic items, a Cloak of Distortion that should have made me much harder to hit. At one point I get a couple huge heals (one of which takes me from -10 to +23), use my 2nd wind, and still I’m getting shot, burning (kill those priests!), and can’t stop laughing because of the disease. Or the giant red penis. One of the two.

With the aid of our Shifter’s shifty regeneration, I manage to get the last laugh on the archers after three rounds of failed saves. Victory! I know everyone took pictures of that celebration.

Loot: level 6 parcel to Matt

Back in Rynn, we manage to find a priest at a bus stop who says he’s pretty sure he can cure us if we have a holocaust cloak, a can of diet pepsi, and an old coat hanger. Or maybe that’s something else he does.

There is much ceremony and ominous rolling, and the priest manages to cure everyone except Deimos Morganstern, whom he kills. He quietly performs a Raise Dead ritual with the whole party staring at him and then manages to forget his hat when he rushes out the door before Deimos can blink twice.
I now have -1 to all attacks, skills, saves, and abilities for the next 3 milestones. Thanks, Jer.
Loot: we spend 100gp each getting cured (and another 510 for the cure’s cure) but get 1,500gp from the Baron, in the end netting 850gp each. DING 8th LEVEL.
Baron Eric Von Hessle tells us of horrors that stalk a small town…cut off… therein lies an Abbey(Charew Monastery) that has a holy artifact: A pair of magical RINGS!
On the hush hush… rewards will be… Lands and Titles! (and Rings!)


Com02 Heyokah

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