The Icy Coast

W24 The Undead Monestary

Wednesdays Session 24

Burn, in Righteous Fire!
We have a big showdown inside Charew Monastery, which seems to be more of a one-room schoolhouse than a monastery, but we weren’t complaining. In the large interior we find an army of undead lead by a powerful spellcaster. It must be before communion because none of them are running outside when we arrive. Deimos makes pretense at talking to their leader while maneuvering into position… and when they try his patience, I open fire with the TRUE WORD and get seven kills right off the bat. And then run.

After seven rounds of combat (Rebuke Undead fails on an Action Point in round 3) we roll credits over the evil dead, bringing quiet and peace to Charew Monastery once again. At least, we could have if Drexdalin and Colt would stop complaining about how I used Divine Call for the first time ever, to pull them out of a huge AoE in round 5. sigh

Loot: Matt+1, Pete -1, me -1, and….
Bone Ring of Better Fortune and a Ring of Spell Storing, both of which are awesome. And go to Motz (Colt) since he’ll presumably use them best.
+1,000exp (15,200exp)


Com02 Heyokah

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