The Icy Coast

W25 Exploring the Monks' Backdoor

Wednesdays Session 25
03-31-2010 (confirmation needed)


Underneath the podium on the dias of Charew Monastery we find a secret tunnel. Not under the pews, not in a carving or moving panel in the walls, but under the podium. Could have been the holy water font, maybe a statue that swivels, but no, it’s under the podium. God damn it.

...searching the (now really dead) spellcaster and his not-so-secret passage, we find a Draconic Scroll that describes a holy ritual that is part of a prophecy, where FOUR ADVENTURERS would be summoned from “the other side”. Clearly, we were going to have to kill Thilaldan or Ulgrum (who wouldn’t even have a name for six more sessions) if we were going to get teleported.

We also found tracks made by five or six minotaurs and seperate tracks from “armed guys w/survivors” who came from the surface and took a passage leading West. Knowing that we can’t loot anyone named “survivors”, we took off after the minotaurs hoping to learn more about their wonderful culture.

Waterfall Room.
Rounding a bend in the tunnel, we find ourselves on a path sloping down into a large cavern. A huge waterfall pours from the ceiling in the northwestern corner and straight on through into the floor below, going “several hundred feet” to a pool of water with no other visible means of access. The path we’re on slopes down around a natural alcove that encompasses an abandoned campsite before continuing on to the east and the southern wall of the room is blank aside from a narrow passage in the center.

At least it looks blank.
To Colt.
The rest of us get fairly high perception checks and determine that there is a huge illusion in place covering doorways to the southeast. The narrow passage in the south wall also has a trapped floor with a pedestal in the center. I’m pretty sure this had “The Blue Key” on top, and Drexdalin managed to snag it and teleport back to safety before the floor collapsed.
We then turned and explored the openings in the wall and the campsite, where I found five vials (three identical, two others matching as well). We continued on the main pathway and came to a huge blue door, which we then opened with The Blue Key.

MINOTAURS! Irontooth’s Cult.
Beyond the blue door was a room similar to those seen under the caldera on The Island of Dread – big open lower area with some difficult terrain, raised area on the far side with a caster on top. We engage and find ourselves in a vicious fight.
During the ensuing chaos, I managed to get NINE targets in range of my Rain of Blood (four of them friendly!) but only hit one, which thankfully died (and sadly it wasn’t even one of us). In round four I attempted to hit the boss with Purging Flame and missed, so I used my amazing Salve and had a do-over in round five where I set him on fire (yay!). Round six everything else was dead and so I ran over and tried to hit him with my staff as a joke.

Loot: +750exp, +200gp, +1 level item for den.
Also, we found A DRAGON’S NEST and a one-room human dwelling with a Tome in Draconic that references seven magical orbs that combine to reveal the location of a powerful magic item. Parts of the tome are missing, but we learn that each orb is guarded by a dragon. Blue: Lightning. Black: Necrotic. Etc.
But this probably isn’t important.
Next Week: Iron Tooth!


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