The Icy Coast

W26 Iron Tooth, the Blue Dragon.

Wednesdays Session 26
date unknown
We’re fucked.

Trapped in the lair of a huge blue dragon, we’re faced with a huge copper/brass dragon that’s way too high level for us until Jeremy realizes he’s got the wrong encounter prepared and swaps it out.

Still, we manage to bottleneck ourselves onto a small ledge facing an enormous blue dragon that isn’t very friendly. It begins breathing lightning on us and hitting nearly everyone, causing massive damage, while we try to figure out how to get un-stuck and maybe survive at the same time. Half of the party is making for the exit door on the far left side of the room beyond and the rest of us manage to pin Iron Tooth EQ-style in the corner of the ledge that we were trapped on earlier.

I risk certain (3rd) death to get closer so I can target a defense that I can get through after five rounds of combat, hitting him with Visions of Blood to further lower his defenses so that perhaps we can pull this thing off after all. But it still doesn’t look good.

Drexdalin is urging us to aim for the door as we manage to land a few solid hits on this 655hp monster (target numbers around 30 across the board, except for Will defense…).
Backing off (as I’m not suicidal!) but staying in range, I manage to land the killshot with Purging Flame (yay!) and there was MUCH rejoicing.

Loot: Thalildan level+2 item (10th), Matt +1(9th) (new cycle5!), and I looted the head, claws, and 10 scales.
And yes, it was close.


Com02 Heyokah

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