The Icy Coast

W27 Attack on Fort Soon-to-be-Renamed

Wednesdays Session 27
date unknown

We emerge from Iron Tooth’s lair beneath Charew Monastery to find ourselves relatively near a fort that we’d spotted earlier. Fresh from our near-death encounter with the dragon, we opt for some relaxed sight-seeing.

Outside the fort, we spot a patrol scouting in rotation around the castle. Everyone except Deimos hides in the woods while he ventures out to greet them. I try to be friendly but they’re just not having it – they want to take me prisoner and we’re just not that kind of party and so I take a step closer and enlighten them with Icon on the surprise round.

After mopping them up in three or four rounds, we interrogate our new captives and determine that the fort poses no significant threat to us at the moment but they’re waiting for reinforcements. Well.

Deimos put on his best face and tried to parley with the enemy commander, informing him that peaceable surrender was an option on one side of the scales and death and destruction surely on the other. Meanwhile, Colt made the patrol captain give him piggyback rides around in the distance, which nearly torpedoed the whole arrangement (whose side are you on, anyway?). Following a lucky Diplomacy/Intimidation check, Deimos managed to capture the entire fort without any further casualties. And then we got loot.

Loot: 2 9th level items (Drexdalin & Colt).

Also, on our return to the capitol, we noted that we were being followed by “a large cloaked figure” that could blend into the crowd… DUN DUN DUUUUN


Com02 Heyokah

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