The Icy Coast

W28 Oh, you fools.

Wednesdays Session 28

(I missed this session, obviously)

Lots of backstory and planning, Drexdalin apparently spearheads a plan to trade our superpowerful magical orbs for Baron Eric Von Hessle’s invisible candy. Meanwhile, Jeremy was thinking “I bet B will be pissed!” sigh

The story and plan largely revolve around a town captured by the Azierian forces that held much of Tonnegarde’s food stores. The occupying forces have consolidated huge amounts of rations into two large warehouses and keep them heavily guarded, while meanwhile Tonnegarde is rapidly running out of food. And so…

Here’s how I imagine it all went down:
Training for their mission commences in earnest. Rather than having complex instructions that the men might not remember, Deimos develops a chant for them all to memorize each part of the attack plan. “One: down to the road block, we’ve just begun; Two: the guards are through; Three: Ulgrum’s men are on a spree; Four: Colt and Drexdalin go through the door; Five: Deimos stays out in the drive; Six: Thilaldan gives the rope a fix; Seven: Drexdalin throws the hook to heaven; Eight: Colt has got a date; Nine: the other guys go up the line; Ten: Ulgrum and Thilaldan are in the pen; Eleven: Esbjorn guards points five and seven; Twelve: Drexdalin and Colt go down to delve; Thirteen: Drexdalin goes up without being seen; Fourteen: Zero-hour, Thilaldan cuts the cable, Ulgrum cuts the phone; Fifteen: Esbjorn goes in where the others have been; Sixteen: we all come out like it’s Halloween.” The group recites this constantly to drive it into their minds.


Com02 Heyokah

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