The Icy Coast

W29 I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Wednesdays Session 29

I return from a wonderful vacation up north to discover that the party has decided to trade our most precious items for invisble candy. x x x x x

That being said, we’ve got an incredible plan to accomplish: Sneak into a heavily guarded warehouse, silence the alarms, and then keep Eddy Murphy from snorting all of the create magical portals to locations all over Tonnegarde that will enable us to liberate the entire surplus foodstores of the advancing Azierian Army while at the same time saving Tonnegarde from approaching famine. What could possibly go wrong? Also, we don’t have a tank as Colt is busy winning a huge poker trophy.

To make a long story short, we actually succeed at our crazy plan with the only really hairy spots being where Colt (played by Den) nearly fell off the roof as we entered the 1st building and where Drexdalin accidentally dislodged a heavy roofing tile as we made our way into the 2nd one. The tile was on its way down the roof and over the edge to shatter loudly on the ground below when Drexdalin saved our bacon by deciding that he would really, really hate for that to happen – hated it enough to make that tile his oath target and destroy it before it could do so. Awesome.

Oh, and we found a second Trapdoor to Ominously Large Underdark Cavern, which we kind of really wanted to explore, but without a player who could pilot our tank, Esbjorn thought we really oughta just portal somewhere safe where he could find a quiet tavern to dip his beard.

And so we did.


Talked about orbs, dragons, plan for next time, rumors about Thursday’s Group, etc…
Also, Jeremy admitted that he was supposed to bring a completed list of Invisible Candy but didn’t. He couldn’t find it; it’s invisible. So we apparently gave the orbs to the Baron for nothing and he’s getting drool all over my precioussssss...


Com02 Heyokah

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