The Icy Coast

W30 Search for the Black Dragon Orb

Wednesdays Session 30

Drexdalin’s Account

After traveling to Cyprinian the city of dragon scholars, we researched where the remaining unclaimed orbs are located. So doing, we encountered a scholar who looked a bit frayed around the edges (of sanity perhaps) [“Dirty Dave the Dish Man”). Rumors about town were that he’s been discredited and is no longer allowed to play in dragon research games.

Supposedly he knew the location of the black orb, but wanted two things in return for its location- the head of the black dragon as proof that it had existed (and also that we had slain it), as well as a silver bowl from the lair. Further research indicated this may be a legendary scrying device. We accepted his offer, provisioned ourselves in anticipation of fighting a black dragon and its fearsome troll guardians, and set out for the swamp which lay in an eastern forest.

Once in the forest it became immediately apparent there was heavy magic afoot. The entire forest was layered in a magic fog that greatly limited the senses. After a short time we heard the sound of children’s voices at play but chose to ignore them after our wizard advised that they were most likely an attempt to lead us astray by the less than benign fey in the swamp. After we ignored them and ventured further in, the voices fell off behind us as the fey either got bored or realized that we weren’t going to be easy prey.

After another hour or two we came upon what looked like a fort under construction. Sneaking closer, we saw that the structure was being built by the Drow using grimlok slaves. There were three drow taskmasters on site at the time, supervising about 8 slaves.

During our investigation, our warden Colt got a bit too close and a poisoned crossbow bolt suddenly lodged into the mattress just past his head. Next thing we knew, Colt and I (Drexdalin) were surrounded by grimloks. Nobody disrespects our mattress!

Colt lost it a bit and through the ring of battle I kept hearing him call out “Come on, HIT ME!” in a valiant attempt to defend the mattress from further harm. Next thing I saw was our warlock happily obliged as he centered a devastating blast right on top of Colt (24 damage ha!) the surrounding grimloks crumpled to the ground. Taking advantage of the opening of the ranks, the leader of the drow contingent descended upon us, stunning Colt with the ferocity of his attacks.

Our party set about finishing off the remaining grimloks and picking away at the two other drow who were taking pot shots at us from a distance. The drow commander focused on me a lot keeping me stunned and wounded, but the joke was on him as I wasn’t hitting him anyways. After several minutes the commander and his drow associates lay on the ground dead.

Upon further investigation of the structure we found that the cave we were seeking was at one end of the fort. It’s unclear if this was to be a staging ground as an assault on the dragon or they were planning on defending it. Perhaps they were planning to divert the river and flood the dragon out. We’ll never know, but soon we’ll find out what lies at the bottom of the cave. My only hope is the drow haven’t beaten us to the orb.


Com02 Heyokah

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