The Icy Coast

W31 Trolls and lots of numbers

Wednesdays Session 31

We braced ourselves for a terrible encounter and made our way into the swamp cave. The entry tunnel twisted deep into the mountain, sometimes flooded with brackish water or nearly choked with reeds and briars. It was difficult terrain but luckily the water not so deep that we would have had to carry our Dwarven cleric. We had left our mounts outside even though we had specifically purchased them for this situation. cough

After a few slow hours, the tunnel opened up into a huge chamber that reeked of death and rotting vegetation. Here and there, small clumps of phosphorescent fungi created soft glowing pools of light dimly visible through the magical mist that also pervaded the swamp and woods beyond. Soon upon entering the chamber the relatively stable route we had been following dissolved into a mess of bracken and cold spring-fed waters. Luckily Drexdalin was able to spot the path left by a large number of trolls which lead to eight empty huts where they kept the remains of their victims.

After a brief search, we heard the trolls returning from elsewhere in the cavern. We braced for an assault in the unstable ground but the charging trolls quickly overwhelmed our ranks despite our combined efforts. After a fierce battle – and largely thanks to the overlapping constant rain-of-death of Thilaldan, Deimos, and Thilaldan again via a magical ring of spell storing (and Pete wasn’t even there!), we were able to devastate their faces with an unending rain of magical fire, acid, and sheer awesomeness. Special kudos go to the healer/tank team for keeping everyone else alive and to Den for reminding us to stock up on special items in advance, which really helped turn the tide.


Com02 Heyokah

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