Book of Secrets (Jar of Steam)

Wonderous Item, Fire&Smoke CB1AoE


7th Level Wonderous Item (2,600gp)

Power (Daily, Zone): Standard Action. When activated, the Book of Secrets fills Close Burst 1 until the end of your next turn, providing concealment to all creatures within the zone. Any creature other than the one who activated it takes 1d6 Fire damage if it starts its turn in the zone. Sustain Minor; you must be within 10 squares of the zone.

Note: this item is a flavored copy of the Jar of Steam from the Adventurer’s Vault, pg. 147.


In his left hand, Deimos The Traveler holds the fabled Book of Secrets. An ancient tome with a cover charred to a cracked and blackened husk, Deimos is occasionally seen staring intently at the strange sigils that dance upon its pages. Whether he is reading or writing is unknown, and indeed to the most casual observer the actual pages of the opened book appear to be covered in moving flakes of ash that cover glowing cinders and sparks.

Unfortunate souls noted peering at the pages (whose curiosity may have had the better of them) might be asked “Want to know a secret?” or worse, hear “Let me tell you a story!” before Deimos holds the opened book before him and blows across its pages, releasing a cloud of ashes, cinders, sparks, and glowing siguls that seem to swirl about him like black moths, obscuring vision and burning those close enough to be caught up in the darkness. Deimos is seemingly unaffected by the swarm.

Book of Secrets (Jar of Steam)

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