Invisible Candy


Invisible Candy has no stats because it does not exist. FOOLS.


While I was on vacation, the rest of my party (spearheaded by the untrustworthy Drexdalin the Traitorous decided to trade the two Dragon Orbs that we possessed for a promise of magical items that would SURELY be delivered the following week. The following week WE GOT NOTHING and instead set off for a distant town in search of yet more orbs to be obtained at certain and deadly peril, presumably to be traded off to adolescents at the fair who are selling owlbear ears and cotton candy. The week after, we also got nothing. DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING?

This included the Purple Orb that I, Deimos Morganstern had been intimately studying, which was the key item necessary for defeating a powerful undead dragon spellcaster as well as a vessel containing the secrets of eternal life.

Invisible Candy

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