The Icy Coast

W21 The Sinister Swamp

Wednesdays Session 21

Taking the left path in the tunnels beneath the witches house, we come to a large swampy room with two other tunnels branching off (one from the right, one at the rear). We have an epic battle with two ape demons (Barlgura), two witches, and an Oni, the asian ogre the party had encountered earlier. After a fierce battle that resulted in tipping over the cauldron of PESTILENCE (oh noes!), we managed to defeat the bad guys, rescue the OLD CRONES (the GOOD old ladies who had been kidnapped by the evil witches posing in their stead…and steading), and get 3 loot parcels (motz-2,den-1,me-2), 1000 exp (12,100 total), 400gp, and we obtain multiple samples of the Pestilence (one of which I still have 15 sessions later!). We also get our horses back. I remove the skull of the Oni, creating a fearsome mask that also gives me +5 Resist Necrotic. And it’s neat.

We also manage to get samples of the Pestilence to bring back to the Baron, but there’s a problem: We’re all diseased (even the caster who stood in the back and didn’t move into the swampy stuff. It’s magic!)

The disease causes those afflicted to laugh when they take damage; upon being bloodied, you lose an action point (and I think you get stunned or something too – save ends that).

W20 Candy Houses Have Layers

Wednesdays Session 20
01-27-2010 / 02-03-2010
B(that’s me!) absent (working)

Inside the old womens’ cottage, the group batters their way into the bedroom shared by the old ladies (same way as we always do) and discovers something terribly frightening (and not just that smell!)... no, it’s not the laundry hamper or the sweets that have been inside the crocheted pig on the windowsill since before you were born. Underneath the house there winds a dark and dank tunnel into the earth lined with tree roots and discarded pantyhose.

Braving the worst, the party encounters a group of oriental ogres, giving us fears of lead poisoning in addition to the Pestilence mentioned earlier. We manage to defeat some and scare the rest off, chasing them deeper into the caves.

The party wants to catch the witches before they can complete their fiendish recipe, but the tunnel splits into three passages. Do we take the left, the right, or the center?

Loot: 600exp, 100gp each, 2 healing pots.

W19 Pestilence & Candy

Wednesdays Session 19

7th level, town.

Baron Eric Von Hessle sends us to investigate rumors of a powerful weapon the Azierian army is cooking up: Pestilence.

We encounter a patrol on the road and massacre them.

Afterwards, we arrive at our destination – a small house deep in the woods where we encounter two old ladies that allow us to spend the night on the condition that they lock us into a storeroom and bang about all night long, presumably playing racquetball in their bedroom or something (I believe the word is: Women’s Softball League). Despite our best efforts, we are unable to spy on them even though we come up with some clever ideas.

Loot: 5th level parcel (Bag of Holding for me, Deimos Morganstern), I gain 1000 gold, and we all get 500exp.

_note: I also come up with the idea for “The Light of Truth” (Everburning Torch). When active, it appears all of the light from the area is being sucked into Deimos. Darkness issues from his mouth and eyes while a cold flame bursts from his left hand, illuminating the same as a torch.

W18 CROSSROADS: Didn't We Do This Quest Before?

Wednesdays Session 18

Swarms of minions attack our pitiful town of Crossroads, which has more hangers-on than beds for them (where did all the refugees that fled sleep?). I spend most of the time stuck in a tower doing nothing while most of the rest of the party slaughters tons of minions and a few higher level meatbags at a choke point on the western front. Eventually the Azierians wheel in a large siege engine and begin setting it up to hurl rocks at our town. As the rocks are covered in endangered lichens, we sally forth to near certain death to stop them while mopping up the last of the western resistance. At the same time a large mob of unfortunates is being decimated on the eastern side by ?pete? and myself while everyone bickers over the placement of our remaining minions. A few of them get expended (and I get flack for that, sheesh, they’re farmers!) but the eastern front is clear.

And then…

The DRACOSHADE Attacks! Dun dun DUN!

We get knocked around, weakened, feared, etc by this menacing shade that wants to steal my favorite toy, but WE ALL RALLY TOGETHER TO KEEP THE ORB. I manage to score a Natural 20 to finish it off and we survive!
75+ Minions Slain
Dragon Boss Slain
Captured Trebuchet
Friendly Minions Survived (well, some)
Loot: FIVE parcels (enough for everyone but Den, yay!)
and I get an extra 150exp for roleplay (yay!)
...Next up: Rynn where we can shop (YAY!)
_note: Pete 4,700gp; Shields 3,900gp; guessing I’m at 3,572gp

W17 Thrust Into a Fight on the Road

Wednesday Session 17
?missing? Motz & Pete

Goblin is useless, Diplomacy is useless…

Just north of the Crossroads, we fight a Hobgoblin (Warlord) with spear and shield as well as a Behemoth – a scaled dinosaur (22+ ac, ~20 reflex). Turns out to be an easy fight, which is better than getting annihilated as we’re down 2 players.

Loot: Level +2 item (Drexdalin-Den

W16 Dogs and a Dwarf (but I repeat myself)

Wednesdays Session 16
Motz absent

We’re on our way to defend against the oncoming Azieran army (as soon as we find a good spot) when we’re attacked by a random page out of the Monster Manual 1. We defeat a Hellhound and two Shadow Beasts that were chasing a surly morsel, none other than the Dwarven Defender Tank NPC Siggs. After saving him and more importantly, his donkey cart, we all pile in the cart and take turns braiding the donkey’s hair.

Heading south again we are set upon by someone else that ignores Diplomacy: a Goliath champion and his lackeys. We find him incredibly hard to hit (Warden) but Deimos manages to set him on fire and he burns for three rounds (yay!). We eventually wear him down thanks to the valiant attention-seeking behavior of our new friend Siggs.

Loot: 2 parcels Matt S(Esbjorn) & Matt F(Ulgrum) & 600exp.

W15 Exit Into...World Map & Confusion

Wednesdays Session 15

Upon emerging from Disneyworld, we find that an “Evil” army from the Azieran Kingdom is marching south towards the town of Ice Harbor, which is the only place with decent nightlife in our “home” Kingdom of Tonnegarde.

8:40pm We finally decide to rush to Ice Harbor…
On the road we meet with some Azieran skirmishers who attack us despite our diplomatic introduction. I sent two of them to the Shadowfell via Vangarde’s Lightning and this left us fighting some spearmen, a “super-mover-guy”, and a warlord noble named Commander Franz (aka “Dirty Sanchez”).
We managed to defeat the soldiers and took a few of them captive, including the ever helpful Commander Franz (Sanchez. He’s Mexican, I guess). We also manage to score 2 sets of clean Azieran tabards, which include a surcoat and a cloak.

With Sanchez in tow, we sauntered the rest of the way down to Ice Harbor to find the populace fleeing by way of the last boat out to sea. We turned Cmdr. Franz Sanchez over to one Capt. Williards and got a “receipt” for both the capture of Cmdr. Franz Sanchez and also for the elimination of the Trogolodyte Infestation (when did we do that?).

Matt S(Esbjorn) offers “pay me 500gold and the dragon orb is yours” which I gladly accept. Secretly. Oh what fun.

Then we head over to Gregory’s Manor… DUN DUN DUN
On our way down the road, we encounter more Azieran soldiers, including a commander type on horseback (! A MOUNT !) who also has a small bundle across his saddle, that being Gregory Von Hessle. I managed to strike down FIVE lesser swordsmen with divine lightning from Oprah’s couch.
The commander on horseback proves to be a bastard as he tries to turn tail and run, dropping Gregory in the process. Naturally, we can’t have anyone getting away so we throw the kitchen sink at him – I even go so far as to set the horse on fire. Unfortunately I roll a “1” on my nature check to “subdue” the animal, while it seemed like Jeremy just really, really didn’t want us to get a mount yet. The Commander surrenders (booo), reveals his horse had DR5, and Motz gets a 7th level loot parcel.

Gregory, Saved and Confused! We get 500exp per encounter (1000exp total) bringing us to 7610exp, DING LEVEL SIX.
Whenever we level, we now get a level+2 item in addition to the lack of loot that Jeremy normally gives out
Also, note that at this point Pete has 3200gp, Matt has 2,400gp.

Angry Dwarves and Bowling

Wednesday Session 14
5th level

I came late after work and they’d started without me, but I got there in time to see the map rolled out and covered in angry, angry green plastic orcs. Angry because they were supposed to be dwarves and Jeremy didn’t have enough minis. And because we were about to slaughter them.

We laid into them with concerted spell power, cutting their numbers down to a powerful priest and a few guards. I managed to kill the priest at the same time as I nuked Motz(Colt) for 20pts, and we got the most awesome loot package ever: a Dracolich Orb that serves as a phylactery for a “~21st level” Dracolich. (WHICH YOU FOOLS LATER SQUANDERED WHEN I WASN’T THERE) I quickly decided I would keep it and hold it and late at night, whisper softly to it, peering inside to try to gain its secrets…

We also got two 7th level items (one for me, one for Matt) with the fabulous introduction of the…
From now on, we’ll get a “loot parcel” that contains at least one item that is our level +/-2 levels (when we get magic loot, that is). Who gets the loot will be randomly determined until everyone in the party has gotten something (whether they decide what it is or not, even 20 sessions later, Pete/Matt F). Once everyone’s gotten something we start a new round of loot.

Also, Motz got a level 3 item as a bonus. 6610 Exp total. +200 gold Bonus for killing all evil dwarves. Yay!

Snow White, A Donkey, and a Mind Flayer Walk Into a Cavern...

Wednesdays Session 13
date unknown

Still in the caverns under the world, the party meets some friendly dwarves as well as A Messenger For The King of (dorf)Town known only as “The Traveller”(B:Deimos). It is explained that he is an important messenger and will be accompanying the party and AoE’ing them to help enforce proper tactics and positioning. Soon, we encounter… MOAR EVIL DORFS!! dun dun daaaaaaan

I (B:Deimos) lay into them (being Duergar or party members) with Thunder of Judgement for 16 points, Hand of Radiance, Sun Hammer, another Hand of Radiance, and hey, Dead Dwarves!

We then enter…”the Big Room”... a 100’ square room with a spiral staircase going 30’ down. It is made clear that the staircase has magical railings that prohibit anyone from being pushed, pulled, slid, or otherwise moved beyond their consent over the edge, and that all staircases, balconies, and patios from this point forward will have similar magical protections. At the bottom of this EVIL ACCURSED STAIRCASE (because what kind of staircase doesn’t love a good heave-ho there goes the GM’s hero NPC?) is a Dark Dwarf with a Hammer and Plate Boots (note how he’s at the BOTTOM of the staircase…ahem), who promptly sends an army of christmas elves up to greet us with picks and short-handled shovels.

We rock their candy mountain and then head on down to play a little midget toss with the leader, who is quite heavy and we may have dropped him a few times before tiring of our little game. Despite the fact that he clearly had a hammer and platemail, we find a Graceful Sword +2 (sigh…swordmage loot) and a level 14 Amulet of Attunation (WOW!) on his corpse.

Deeper into Dwarven Territory

Wednesdays Session 12

...squeezing through a small tunnel in the Duergar complex after our brutal combat with THE EYE, we find ourselves facing a larger room filled with more evil dwarves and goblin sorcerers. As we debate what to do, the ceiling of the tunnel over us begins to collapse. Matthew(Ulgrum) wanted to go back and spend the rest of the adventure in last week’s map, but we managed to keep the party together so that the goblins could incinerate us with AoE spells. And they did.

After getting our butts kicked around by one room of Duergar guards that knocked us down while the goblin casters nailed us with flamey death, we find 50gp each, 1 healing potion, and “A Magical Rock” (anyone remember this?). I read a note from Kit’Vul, the Dead Dwarf (which I didn’t record yay), and then we decide to saunter into an even larger room and clump up like rabbits so we can get fried.

Surrounded, too far from our healer, and getting nailed by fire, poison, hammers and blindness, Kompressor X10-ED209 collapses to the floor due to a major mechanical malfunction. But he’ll be alright, he automatically get at least a 10 on Death Savings Throws due to his mechanical nature and the fact that he belongs to the Raven Queen herself. Then combat shifts and the melee stands near directly on top of our fallen comrade, drawing more AoE fire onto all of them. A major hail of brimstone hits on my 2nd round down, taking Kompy down to negative 37 hit points and beyond repair. Goodbye, beholder helmet. Goodbye, Duergar. What are you doing, Dave? Daisy, Daisy…

Despite our best efforts, we gain 4000exp (800each) bringing us to 5385exp. We also find a Quick Weapon +2 (Den-Drexdalin), “Implement for Matt” +2, and 150gp each.
...somewhere, in the halls behind the party, the lights in the chestpiece of Kompressor X10-ED209 begin flashing, and more Duergar close in on this strange contraption. A huge rumble is heard and dust falls from stone ceilings far away, and in the darkness that follows the last pulse, the Raven Queen takes him home.


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