The Icy Coast

W11 needs work Bad Napoleon Complex

Wednesdays Session 11
missing date
missing notes
DWARVES – Duegar Complex.

W10 needs work

Wednesdays Session 10
missing date
missing notes, but I’m sure something awesome happened.
Was this where we fought the beholder without our tank AND our healer? That was epic.

W9 needs work

Wednesdays Session 9
missing date
missing notes

W8 needs work

Wednesdays Session 8
missing date
missing notes

W7 Sid Meyers PIRATES!

Wednesdays Session 7
missing date

I wasn’t actually at this session, but essentially what I understand is this:
After defeating The Island of Dread and recovering all of the lost medallions, we made our way back to the rescue beach and were picked up by the small sailing vessel that brought us there. On our way to the mainland we were attacked by PIRATES! who had the misfortune of getting close enough for us to board THEM. Chaos ensues, mostly when Jeremy(DM) realizes that he’s just given a party of bloodthirsty adventurers something they’ve always dreamed of: a Pirate Ship worth roughly 10,000 gold. Yarrr!

We return to town and sell the boat, becoming heroes once again when we return the medallions, relate how we’ve ended the terror on the high seas, and in one night of partying ensured that all young unmarried women nearby will be able to afford that higher education they’ve been working towards.

Down the Ladder, Into the DRAGONCHURCH

Wednesday Group Session 6 06-17-2009 (presumed)

At the base of the huge stone spiral stair, we found the splattered remains of the last NPC to ever get pushed off of a staircase and a trapdoor leading down into the Travia cult’s dragon church. How crowded this area is on Sundays, we don’t know, but we don’t wait around to find out.

Once inside, we find a series of rooms containing Dragonkin Cultists who breathe nasty fire on us and try to screw us up by using pews as difficult terrain and having their casters stand up on the pulpit where they can hail fire and brimstone upon us. With our fingers in our ears repeating the sacred mantra “lalala-can’t-hear-you” we put an end to their religious observations and help ourselves to their coffers (which are suspiciously absent of coin ahem). We do find a Dynamic Weapon +2 (which I take after rolling a die to see what the Raven Queen says), as well as a Defensive Weapon +1 which goes to Motz(Colt), although he seems sore about it as he wants a weapon he can throw if someone’s running away.

Instead of stained glass or a big plaster guy, at the rear of the church we find a huge set of double doors and after a short rest we decide to crack ‘em open. There’s gotta be more loot somewhere! The doors open to reveal…

Encounter 6-2

A short hall leads around a bend to a large, icy cavern. We’re just getting on our skates when someone’s dog runs up and breathes a cone of frost on us, breaking our laces. Seeing that it has no tag and fearing for the public welfare, we manage to stab it to death with our skates despite its best attempts to knock us around with wing buffets and use its breath weapon again to turn us as cold as Lindsay Lohan’s career. Fearing rabies from the dragon (and the Lohan reference) we remove its head and “enough scales to make 2 suits of scale” as well as three more Medallions (5/6) and 750 gold.

Everyone cheers, we get 250exp (for killing a DRAGON?) and the Mattress levels up. (New and Improved with Scales and Teeth-spikes!)

W5 Isle of Dread p3- Stairs Get Railings

Wednesday Group
Session 5
(Matt S. not here)

We continued up the stone stairway out of the jungle up onto the caldera, being attacked by an AMBUSH of the Travia (half-man, half-kobold creatures) once we got to the stone structure at the top.

Right around here Thilaldan sent a huge rolling fireball into a narrow hallway filled with badguys and pretty much smashed them with huge capital fonts.

Inside the stone building atop the stairs, A BERSERKER attacked us, crying “I’ll save you!” and running amok – this could have been a member of either party at any session, but apparently we fought an NPC by this description here. We managed to defeat him by using terrain to our advantage, throwing the mattress at him, and finally, bull-rushing him over the edge of a tall staircase that spiraled down into the depths of the island. Splat.

We looted Medallion #3 from him and also found a chest containing 350g, a healing potion, hide armor of resistance +1 (+5 vs cold) – went to me.
+325 exp, 1708 exp total.

Isle of Dread pt2- Ruins are Crazy

Wednesdays Sessions 3-4 00:03 06h02 Party enters transport vehicle#72386, small skiff headed for Island (ID=ISLE OF DREAD)
00:03 11:58 Party makes landfall on target island at last known beachhead used by missing explorers.
00:03 12:13 Party finds abandoned explorer camp. No signs of bodies.
00:03 13:27 Party follows trail into dense vegetation en route to elevation point.
00:03 17:31 Party attacked by native reptiles: 2 Swarms, 2 Medium soldier type, 1 Spitter artillery creature.
00:03 13:31 Party tank Shifter_Warden(?) ID=Colt charges swarms, nearly gets eaten while party squishies contend with soldier types.
00:03 13:38 Order restored.
00:03 13:38 Experience totals 1000exp, Unit receives upgrades, RQblessing=renewed.
00:03 13:49 Party finishes debate regarding next rest point – back to camp or onward? Onward.
00:04 19:36 Party finds stone ruins, graveyard proximal elevation. Search ensues.
00:04 19:47 Party finds shortbow, 7 arrows, Explorer Journal, many unlawful combatants. Combat.
00:04 20:03 Order restored.
00:04 20:03 Party loots medallion from leader unlawful combatants.
(... found a spider hole, killed a bunch of icky things, rested in it… yuck!) 00:04 21:14 Party finds stone staircase ascending elevation proximal ruins.
00:04 21:14 Party attacked by explorer ID#1(crazyguy), half-kobold Travia creatures.
00:04 21:19 Order restored, explorer ID#1(crazyguy) subdued.
00:04 21:24 Unit puts Question to explorer ID#1(crazyguy), Intimidate Successful.
00:04 21:25 Party loots medallion from explorer ID#1(crazyguy).

W1&2 Everything Starts in a Graveyard

Wednesdays Sessions 1-2
(Date unknown)
Logs of Machine Spirit: Kompressor X10-ED209

00:00 Sesson 00 03h36
00:01 03h36 System Check…Complete
00:01 03h36 Initialization… Complete
00:01 03h36 Unit ID=Kompressor-X10 ED209
00:01 03h36 LastServerID=62
00:01 03h36 LastServerName=Letherna
00:01 03h36 HasReadSWarning=true
00:01 03h36 OmensFirstOffer=1092923259
00:01 03h36 OmensLastOffer=1099457178
00:01 03h36 WebOrder1FirstOffer=1096945980
00:01 03h36 WebOrder1LastOffer=1097771183
00:01 03h36 HasViewedWebOrder2=false
00:01 03h36 RQ_Blessing=Complete
00:01 03h36 System=Online

/> 00:01 03h37 Loc=458.57×6839.42×4738.21
00:01 10h13 ERROR_Code_14=SYSTEM_RESET
00:01 10h13 Loc=Unknown Town, pop128
00:01 10h13 Company: Eladrin_Avenger(RQ) ID=Drexdalin, Shifter_Warden(?) ID=Colt, Dwarven_Shaman(?) ID=error, Human_Wizard(V) ID=Thilaldan.
00:01 14h08 Mission Aquired; Seek out (name_withheld) Cemetary; put an end to the works of (name_withheld) Meatbag#3848321, known practicing Necromancer in violation of condition13.
00:01 19h11 Entered Cemetary Grounds
00:01 19h11 Eladrin_Avenger(RQ) ID=Drexdalin proposes sneak, recon of exterior structures right-side. Party follows, melee ensues on cemetary grounds vs unlawful combatants in violation of condition13-1.
00:01 19h18 Order restored to cemetery grounds. Party enters crypt for further recon.
00:02 19h22 Party encounters unlawful combatants in entry chamber, restores order.
00:02 19h26 Party travels down long hallway on right side of chamber, hallway extending far left, lit by torches on walls. Door on right side, midway down; door on left side, midway; door on left side near terminus of hall.
00:02 19h27 Party encounters major combatants, enters right-side portal, clears small storage room. Systems damaged by combatants.
00:02 19h29 System Shutdown, Reboot
00:02 19h29 System Check…Complete
00:02 19h29 Initialization… Complete
00:02 19h29 Unit ID=Kompressor-X10 ED209
00:02 19h29 LastServerID=62
00:02 19h29 LastServerName=Letherna
00:02 19h29 HasReadSWarning=true
00:02 19h29 OmensFirstOffer=1092923259
00:02 19h29 OmensLastOffer=1099457178
00:02 19h29 WebOrder1FirstOffer=1096945980
00:02 19h29 WebOrder1LastOffer=1097771183
00:02 19h29 HasViewedWebOrder2=false
00:02 19h29 RQ_Blessing=Complete
00:02 19h29 System=Online
00:02 19h30 System Repair facillated by Dwarven_Shaman(?) ID=error
00:02 19h30 Party loots 3 torches from walls.
00:02 19h32 Party continues down hall past mid-left door, opens door far left near terminus of hall. Door opens to reveal slumber chamber of DScontractor meatbag subjects of ID#3848321 currently in habitation, combat ensues.
00:02 19h37 Order restored
00:02 19h38 Shifter_Warden(?) ID=Colt loots Mattress (Item_ID#327)
00:02 19h38 Party loots chest north wall slumber chamber: 150gp shared.
00:02 19h38 Party loots chest north wall slumber chamber: 1 healing potion (heroic tier) taken.
00:02 19h38 Party loots chest north wall slumber chamber: 1 scroll (unidentified) taken possession.
00:02 19h38 Party opens door on south side of slumber chamber, enters small chamber beyond containing door on opposite wall.
00:02 19h39 Party opens door on opposite wall revealing large quantity of unlawful combatants including one unidentified flying mammalian unlawful combatant.
00:02 19h39.2 Shifter_Warden(?) ID=Colt ejects Mattress (Item_ID#327) onto unlawful combatant proximal near door, flattening target (Natural 20 baby!).
00:02 19h39.5 Combat ensues.
00:02 19h47 Order restored.
00:02 20h02 Sector Clear.
00:02 20h02 ID#3848321 still at large. Party returns to town for processing.
00:02 10h41 Party speaks with town elder, gains 600exp. Hears of Missing Expedition.
00:02 10:58 Mission Acquired: Gather Medallions.


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