The Icy Coast

W31 Trolls and lots of numbers

Wednesdays Session 31

We braced ourselves for a terrible encounter and made our way into the swamp cave. The entry tunnel twisted deep into the mountain, sometimes flooded with brackish water or nearly choked with reeds and briars. It was difficult terrain but luckily the water not so deep that we would have had to carry our Dwarven cleric. We had left our mounts outside even though we had specifically purchased them for this situation. cough

After a few slow hours, the tunnel opened up into a huge chamber that reeked of death and rotting vegetation. Here and there, small clumps of phosphorescent fungi created soft glowing pools of light dimly visible through the magical mist that also pervaded the swamp and woods beyond. Soon upon entering the chamber the relatively stable route we had been following dissolved into a mess of bracken and cold spring-fed waters. Luckily Drexdalin was able to spot the path left by a large number of trolls which lead to eight empty huts where they kept the remains of their victims.

After a brief search, we heard the trolls returning from elsewhere in the cavern. We braced for an assault in the unstable ground but the charging trolls quickly overwhelmed our ranks despite our combined efforts. After a fierce battle – and largely thanks to the overlapping constant rain-of-death of Thilaldan, Deimos, and Thilaldan again via a magical ring of spell storing (and Pete wasn’t even there!), we were able to devastate their faces with an unending rain of magical fire, acid, and sheer awesomeness. Special kudos go to the healer/tank team for keeping everyone else alive and to Den for reminding us to stock up on special items in advance, which really helped turn the tide.

W30 Search for the Black Dragon Orb

Wednesdays Session 30

Drexdalin’s Account

After traveling to Cyprinian the city of dragon scholars, we researched where the remaining unclaimed orbs are located. So doing, we encountered a scholar who looked a bit frayed around the edges (of sanity perhaps) [“Dirty Dave the Dish Man”). Rumors about town were that he’s been discredited and is no longer allowed to play in dragon research games.

Supposedly he knew the location of the black orb, but wanted two things in return for its location- the head of the black dragon as proof that it had existed (and also that we had slain it), as well as a silver bowl from the lair. Further research indicated this may be a legendary scrying device. We accepted his offer, provisioned ourselves in anticipation of fighting a black dragon and its fearsome troll guardians, and set out for the swamp which lay in an eastern forest.

Once in the forest it became immediately apparent there was heavy magic afoot. The entire forest was layered in a magic fog that greatly limited the senses. After a short time we heard the sound of children’s voices at play but chose to ignore them after our wizard advised that they were most likely an attempt to lead us astray by the less than benign fey in the swamp. After we ignored them and ventured further in, the voices fell off behind us as the fey either got bored or realized that we weren’t going to be easy prey.

After another hour or two we came upon what looked like a fort under construction. Sneaking closer, we saw that the structure was being built by the Drow using grimlok slaves. There were three drow taskmasters on site at the time, supervising about 8 slaves.

During our investigation, our warden Colt got a bit too close and a poisoned crossbow bolt suddenly lodged into the mattress just past his head. Next thing we knew, Colt and I (Drexdalin) were surrounded by grimloks. Nobody disrespects our mattress!

Colt lost it a bit and through the ring of battle I kept hearing him call out “Come on, HIT ME!” in a valiant attempt to defend the mattress from further harm. Next thing I saw was our warlock happily obliged as he centered a devastating blast right on top of Colt (24 damage ha!) the surrounding grimloks crumpled to the ground. Taking advantage of the opening of the ranks, the leader of the drow contingent descended upon us, stunning Colt with the ferocity of his attacks.

Our party set about finishing off the remaining grimloks and picking away at the two other drow who were taking pot shots at us from a distance. The drow commander focused on me a lot keeping me stunned and wounded, but the joke was on him as I wasn’t hitting him anyways. After several minutes the commander and his drow associates lay on the ground dead.

Upon further investigation of the structure we found that the cave we were seeking was at one end of the fort. It’s unclear if this was to be a staging ground as an assault on the dragon or they were planning on defending it. Perhaps they were planning to divert the river and flood the dragon out. We’ll never know, but soon we’ll find out what lies at the bottom of the cave. My only hope is the drow haven’t beaten us to the orb.

W29 I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Wednesdays Session 29

I return from a wonderful vacation up north to discover that the party has decided to trade our most precious items for invisble candy. x x x x x

That being said, we’ve got an incredible plan to accomplish: Sneak into a heavily guarded warehouse, silence the alarms, and then keep Eddy Murphy from snorting all of the create magical portals to locations all over Tonnegarde that will enable us to liberate the entire surplus foodstores of the advancing Azierian Army while at the same time saving Tonnegarde from approaching famine. What could possibly go wrong? Also, we don’t have a tank as Colt is busy winning a huge poker trophy.

To make a long story short, we actually succeed at our crazy plan with the only really hairy spots being where Colt (played by Den) nearly fell off the roof as we entered the 1st building and where Drexdalin accidentally dislodged a heavy roofing tile as we made our way into the 2nd one. The tile was on its way down the roof and over the edge to shatter loudly on the ground below when Drexdalin saved our bacon by deciding that he would really, really hate for that to happen – hated it enough to make that tile his oath target and destroy it before it could do so. Awesome.

Oh, and we found a second Trapdoor to Ominously Large Underdark Cavern, which we kind of really wanted to explore, but without a player who could pilot our tank, Esbjorn thought we really oughta just portal somewhere safe where he could find a quiet tavern to dip his beard.

And so we did.


Talked about orbs, dragons, plan for next time, rumors about Thursday’s Group, etc…
Also, Jeremy admitted that he was supposed to bring a completed list of Invisible Candy but didn’t. He couldn’t find it; it’s invisible. So we apparently gave the orbs to the Baron for nothing and he’s getting drool all over my precioussssss...

W28 Oh, you fools.

Wednesdays Session 28

(I missed this session, obviously)

Lots of backstory and planning, Drexdalin apparently spearheads a plan to trade our superpowerful magical orbs for Baron Eric Von Hessle’s invisible candy. Meanwhile, Jeremy was thinking “I bet B will be pissed!” sigh

The story and plan largely revolve around a town captured by the Azierian forces that held much of Tonnegarde’s food stores. The occupying forces have consolidated huge amounts of rations into two large warehouses and keep them heavily guarded, while meanwhile Tonnegarde is rapidly running out of food. And so…

Here’s how I imagine it all went down:
Training for their mission commences in earnest. Rather than having complex instructions that the men might not remember, Deimos develops a chant for them all to memorize each part of the attack plan. “One: down to the road block, we’ve just begun; Two: the guards are through; Three: Ulgrum’s men are on a spree; Four: Colt and Drexdalin go through the door; Five: Deimos stays out in the drive; Six: Thilaldan gives the rope a fix; Seven: Drexdalin throws the hook to heaven; Eight: Colt has got a date; Nine: the other guys go up the line; Ten: Ulgrum and Thilaldan are in the pen; Eleven: Esbjorn guards points five and seven; Twelve: Drexdalin and Colt go down to delve; Thirteen: Drexdalin goes up without being seen; Fourteen: Zero-hour, Thilaldan cuts the cable, Ulgrum cuts the phone; Fifteen: Esbjorn goes in where the others have been; Sixteen: we all come out like it’s Halloween.” The group recites this constantly to drive it into their minds.

W27 Attack on Fort Soon-to-be-Renamed

Wednesdays Session 27
date unknown

We emerge from Iron Tooth’s lair beneath Charew Monastery to find ourselves relatively near a fort that we’d spotted earlier. Fresh from our near-death encounter with the dragon, we opt for some relaxed sight-seeing.

Outside the fort, we spot a patrol scouting in rotation around the castle. Everyone except Deimos hides in the woods while he ventures out to greet them. I try to be friendly but they’re just not having it – they want to take me prisoner and we’re just not that kind of party and so I take a step closer and enlighten them with Icon on the surprise round.

After mopping them up in three or four rounds, we interrogate our new captives and determine that the fort poses no significant threat to us at the moment but they’re waiting for reinforcements. Well.

Deimos put on his best face and tried to parley with the enemy commander, informing him that peaceable surrender was an option on one side of the scales and death and destruction surely on the other. Meanwhile, Colt made the patrol captain give him piggyback rides around in the distance, which nearly torpedoed the whole arrangement (whose side are you on, anyway?). Following a lucky Diplomacy/Intimidation check, Deimos managed to capture the entire fort without any further casualties. And then we got loot.

Loot: 2 9th level items (Drexdalin & Colt).

Also, on our return to the capitol, we noted that we were being followed by “a large cloaked figure” that could blend into the crowd… DUN DUN DUUUUN

W26 Iron Tooth, the Blue Dragon.

Wednesdays Session 26
date unknown
We’re fucked.

Trapped in the lair of a huge blue dragon, we’re faced with a huge copper/brass dragon that’s way too high level for us until Jeremy realizes he’s got the wrong encounter prepared and swaps it out.

Still, we manage to bottleneck ourselves onto a small ledge facing an enormous blue dragon that isn’t very friendly. It begins breathing lightning on us and hitting nearly everyone, causing massive damage, while we try to figure out how to get un-stuck and maybe survive at the same time. Half of the party is making for the exit door on the far left side of the room beyond and the rest of us manage to pin Iron Tooth EQ-style in the corner of the ledge that we were trapped on earlier.

I risk certain (3rd) death to get closer so I can target a defense that I can get through after five rounds of combat, hitting him with Visions of Blood to further lower his defenses so that perhaps we can pull this thing off after all. But it still doesn’t look good.

Drexdalin is urging us to aim for the door as we manage to land a few solid hits on this 655hp monster (target numbers around 30 across the board, except for Will defense…).
Backing off (as I’m not suicidal!) but staying in range, I manage to land the killshot with Purging Flame (yay!) and there was MUCH rejoicing.

Loot: Thalildan level+2 item (10th), Matt +1(9th) (new cycle5!), and I looted the head, claws, and 10 scales.
And yes, it was close.

W25 Exploring the Monks' Backdoor

Wednesdays Session 25
03-31-2010 (confirmation needed)


Underneath the podium on the dias of Charew Monastery we find a secret tunnel. Not under the pews, not in a carving or moving panel in the walls, but under the podium. Could have been the holy water font, maybe a statue that swivels, but no, it’s under the podium. God damn it.

...searching the (now really dead) spellcaster and his not-so-secret passage, we find a Draconic Scroll that describes a holy ritual that is part of a prophecy, where FOUR ADVENTURERS would be summoned from “the other side”. Clearly, we were going to have to kill Thilaldan or Ulgrum (who wouldn’t even have a name for six more sessions) if we were going to get teleported.

We also found tracks made by five or six minotaurs and seperate tracks from “armed guys w/survivors” who came from the surface and took a passage leading West. Knowing that we can’t loot anyone named “survivors”, we took off after the minotaurs hoping to learn more about their wonderful culture.

Waterfall Room.
Rounding a bend in the tunnel, we find ourselves on a path sloping down into a large cavern. A huge waterfall pours from the ceiling in the northwestern corner and straight on through into the floor below, going “several hundred feet” to a pool of water with no other visible means of access. The path we’re on slopes down around a natural alcove that encompasses an abandoned campsite before continuing on to the east and the southern wall of the room is blank aside from a narrow passage in the center.

At least it looks blank.
To Colt.
The rest of us get fairly high perception checks and determine that there is a huge illusion in place covering doorways to the southeast. The narrow passage in the south wall also has a trapped floor with a pedestal in the center. I’m pretty sure this had “The Blue Key” on top, and Drexdalin managed to snag it and teleport back to safety before the floor collapsed.
We then turned and explored the openings in the wall and the campsite, where I found five vials (three identical, two others matching as well). We continued on the main pathway and came to a huge blue door, which we then opened with The Blue Key.

MINOTAURS! Irontooth’s Cult.
Beyond the blue door was a room similar to those seen under the caldera on The Island of Dread – big open lower area with some difficult terrain, raised area on the far side with a caster on top. We engage and find ourselves in a vicious fight.
During the ensuing chaos, I managed to get NINE targets in range of my Rain of Blood (four of them friendly!) but only hit one, which thankfully died (and sadly it wasn’t even one of us). In round four I attempted to hit the boss with Purging Flame and missed, so I used my amazing Salve and had a do-over in round five where I set him on fire (yay!). Round six everything else was dead and so I ran over and tried to hit him with my staff as a joke.

Loot: +750exp, +200gp, +1 level item for den.
Also, we found A DRAGON’S NEST and a one-room human dwelling with a Tome in Draconic that references seven magical orbs that combine to reveal the location of a powerful magic item. Parts of the tome are missing, but we learn that each orb is guarded by a dragon. Blue: Lightning. Black: Necrotic. Etc.
But this probably isn’t important.
Next Week: Iron Tooth!

W24 The Undead Monestary

Wednesdays Session 24

Burn, in Righteous Fire!
We have a big showdown inside Charew Monastery, which seems to be more of a one-room schoolhouse than a monastery, but we weren’t complaining. In the large interior we find an army of undead lead by a powerful spellcaster. It must be before communion because none of them are running outside when we arrive. Deimos makes pretense at talking to their leader while maneuvering into position… and when they try his patience, I open fire with the TRUE WORD and get seven kills right off the bat. And then run.

After seven rounds of combat (Rebuke Undead fails on an Action Point in round 3) we roll credits over the evil dead, bringing quiet and peace to Charew Monastery once again. At least, we could have if Drexdalin and Colt would stop complaining about how I used Divine Call for the first time ever, to pull them out of a huge AoE in round 5. sigh

Loot: Matt+1, Pete -1, me -1, and….
Bone Ring of Better Fortune and a Ring of Spell Storing, both of which are awesome. And go to Motz (Colt) since he’ll presumably use them best.
+1,000exp (15,200exp)

W23 AL! Evil Dead in the Woods

Wednesdays Session 23

Naturally, I missed this session, one of the few where we fight undead and worse yet, the only one so far with Vitamin Al, which we’ve been sorely lacking in our game sessions.

I believe what happened is that the party made their way into the woods surrounding Charew Monastery and there encountered a number of hostile undead, which they dispatched with the aid of … a stranger from the City of Roses to the far northwest. It is also possible that they encountered a few refugees from the area who spread rumors about the undead coming from the Monastery itself, which is where we would pick up again next session.

W22 Disease is No Laughing Matter

Wednesdays Session 22

Found valley fort, Diseased Retreat – no Laughing Matter

Still diseased, we encounter the sickest thing we’ve ever seen: a patrol coming our way that consists of two champion priests, nine spearmen, and four archers, marching in formation. Oh, and One Giant Red Penis.

I nearly get cut down from the archers because I completely forget about one of my newer magic items, a Cloak of Distortion that should have made me much harder to hit. At one point I get a couple huge heals (one of which takes me from -10 to +23), use my 2nd wind, and still I’m getting shot, burning (kill those priests!), and can’t stop laughing because of the disease. Or the giant red penis. One of the two.

With the aid of our Shifter’s shifty regeneration, I manage to get the last laugh on the archers after three rounds of failed saves. Victory! I know everyone took pictures of that celebration.

Loot: level 6 parcel to Matt

Back in Rynn, we manage to find a priest at a bus stop who says he’s pretty sure he can cure us if we have a holocaust cloak, a can of diet pepsi, and an old coat hanger. Or maybe that’s something else he does.

There is much ceremony and ominous rolling, and the priest manages to cure everyone except Deimos Morganstern, whom he kills. He quietly performs a Raise Dead ritual with the whole party staring at him and then manages to forget his hat when he rushes out the door before Deimos can blink twice.
I now have -1 to all attacks, skills, saves, and abilities for the next 3 milestones. Thanks, Jer.
Loot: we spend 100gp each getting cured (and another 510 for the cure’s cure) but get 1,500gp from the Baron, in the end netting 850gp each. DING 8th LEVEL.
Baron Eric Von Hessle tells us of horrors that stalk a small town…cut off… therein lies an Abbey(Charew Monastery) that has a holy artifact: A pair of magical RINGS!
On the hush hush… rewards will be… Lands and Titles! (and Rings!)


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