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  • Down the Ladder, Into the DRAGONCHURCH

    Wednesday Group Session 6 06-17-2009 (presumed) At the base of the huge stone spiral stair, we found the splattered remains of the last NPC to ever get pushed off of a staircase and a trapdoor leading down into the Travia cult's dragon church. How …

  • W26 Iron Tooth, the Blue Dragon.

    Wednesdays Session 26
    date unknown
    We're fucked.

    Trapped in the lair of a huge blue dragon, we're faced with a huge copper/brass dragon that's way too high level for us until Jeremy realizes he's got the wrong encounter prepared …

  • Dragons

    Many centuries ago the dragons ruled most of the world. Some ruled with grace but most were power hungry and greedy, with little care for the lesser races.
    A small group of heroes rose up and slew an evil black dragon known as Vexsilion. Arrogant …