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  • Rynn

    Rynn is a port city located in the southern most part of the region known as the Icy Coast. [[:46529 | Baron Eric Von Hessle]] rules the [[Kingdom of Tonnegarde | Tonnegarde]] held part of the region from this city.

  • Places

    A list of places that can be found in the region known as the Icy Coast Cities:
    [[Cliffharbor | Cliffharbor]]
    [[Cyprinian | Cyprinian]]
    [[Gromhind | Gromhind]]
    [[Ice Harbor | Ice Harbor]]
    [[Rynn | Rynn]]
    [[Old …

  • Ice Harbor

    Small coastal town that was destroyed during the first few days of the Azieran invasion into Tonnegarde held lands.

  • Crossroads

    A small town which has been converted into the Tonnegarde forward command for the war due to it's strategic location.

  • Charew Monastery

    This monastery dedicated to Pelor is nestled in the southern part of Dengor's Folly. Overlooking the town of Avyr. Recent rumors are that a group of 4 great hero's were summoned there fulfilling local prophecies.

  • Gromhind

    Gromhind is the name of a city, the mountain it's located in, and a small dwarven kingdom located in the Icy Coast region. Finding their city besieged both above ground by the [[Azieran Empire | Azieran Empire]] and below by their duergar and drow allies …

  • Cyprinian

    City of scholars located in the north. Sits at the northeastern base of Mount [[Gromhind | Gromhind]]. Contains 7 temples of various religions. There are several scholar groups who have dedicated their research to the lore surrounding the dragon orbs. …

  • Ominously Large Underdark Cavern

    A trapdoor underneath the larger warehouse leads to a tunnel that opens up into this huge chamber deep underground. Echoes bounce off nearby stone but are lost on our soft ears in the enormity of this space, but something... something is …

  • Tristram

    Once a large town that was depopulated following the plague and undead invasion of "Sessions W23-25":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-icy-coast/adventure-log/w23-al-evil-dead-in-the-woods, this _enticing, picturesque, and romantic villa_ is …