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  • Everything Starts in a Graveyard

    Wednesdays Sessions 1-2
    (Date unknown)
    Logs of Machine Spirit: Kompressor X10-ED209

    00:00 Sesson 00 03h36
    00:01 03h36 System Check...Complete
    00:01 03h36 Initialization... Complete
    00:01 03h36 Unit ID=Kompressor- …

  • Isle of Dread pt2- Ruins are Crazy

    Wednesdays Sessions 3-4 [SYSTEM LOG]
    00:03 06h02 Party enters transport vehicle#72386, small skiff headed for Island (ID=ISLE OF DREAD)
    00:03 11:58 Party makes landfall on target island at last known beachhead used by missing explorers.< …

  • Isle of Dread p3- Stairs Get Railings

    Wednesday Group
    Session 5
    (Matt S. not here)

    We continued up the stone stairway out of the jungle up onto the caldera, being attacked by an AMBUSH of the Travia (half-man, half-kobold creatures) once we got to the …

  • Down the Ladder, Into the DRAGONCHURCH

    Wednesday Group Session 6 06-17-2009 (presumed) At the base of the huge stone spiral stair, we found the splattered remains of the last NPC to ever get pushed off of a staircase and a trapdoor leading down into the Travia cult's dragon church. How …

  • W7 Sid Meyers PIRATES!

    Wednesdays Session 7
    missing date

    I wasn't actually at this session, but essentially what I understand is this:
    After defeating The Island of Dread and recovering all of the lost medallions, we made our way back to the rescue …

  • W10 needs work

    Wednesdays Session 10
    missing date
    missing notes, but I'm sure something awesome happened.
    Was this where we fought the beholder without our tank AND our healer? That was epic.

  • Deeper into Dwarven Territory

    Wednesdays Session 12

    ...squeezing through a small tunnel in the Duergar complex after our brutal combat with THE EYE, we find ourselves facing a larger room filled with more evil dwarves and goblin sorcerers. As we debate …

  • Angry Dwarves and Bowling

    Wednesday Session 14
    5th level

    I came late after work and they'd started without me, but I got there in time to see the map rolled out and covered in angry, angry green plastic orcs. Angry because they were supposed to …

  • W15 Exit Into...World Map & Confusion

    Wednesdays Session 15

    Upon emerging from Disneyworld, we find that an "Evil" army from the Azieran Kingdom is marching south towards the town of Ice Harbor, which is the only place with decent nightlife in our "home" Kingdom of …

  • W17 Thrust Into a Fight on the Road

    Wednesday Session 17
    ?missing? Motz & Pete

    Goblin is useless, Diplomacy is useless...

    Just north of the Crossroads, we fight a Hobgoblin (Warlord) with spear and shield as well as a Behemoth - a scaled …

  • W19 Pestilence & Candy

    Wednesdays Session 19

    7th level, town.

    [[:46529 | Baron Eric Von Hessle]] sends us to investigate rumors of a powerful weapon the Azierian army is cooking up: Pestilence.

    We encounter a patrol on the …

  • W20 Candy Houses Have Layers

    Wednesdays Session 20
    01-27-2010 / 02-03-2010
    B(that's me!) absent (working)

    Inside the [[Candy House |old womens' cottage]], the group batters their way into the bedroom shared by the old ladies (same way as we always do) and …

  • W21 The Sinister Swamp

    Wednesdays Session 21

    Taking the left path in the tunnels beneath the [[Candy House| witches house]], we come to a large swampy room with two other tunnels branching off (one from the right, one at the rear). We have an epic …

  • W22 Disease is No Laughing Matter

    Wednesdays Session 22

    Found valley fort, Diseased Retreat - no Laughing Matter

    Still diseased, we encounter the sickest thing we've ever seen: a patrol coming our way that consists of two champion priests, nine …

  • W23 AL! Evil Dead in the Woods

    Wednesdays Session 23

    Naturally, I missed this session, one of the few where we fight undead and worse yet, the only one so far with Vitamin Al, which we've been sorely lacking in our game sessions.

  • W24 The Undead Monestary

    Wednesdays Session 24

    *Burn, in Righteous Fire!*
    We have a big showdown inside [[Charew Monastery | Charew Monastery]], which seems to be more of a one-room schoolhouse than a monastery, but we weren't complaining. …

  • W25 Exploring the Monks' Backdoor

    Wednesdays Session 25
    03-31-2010 (confirmation needed)


    Underneath the podium on the dias of [[Charew Monastery | Charew Monastery]] we find a secret tunnel. Not …

  • W26 Iron Tooth, the Blue Dragon.

    Wednesdays Session 26
    date unknown
    We're fucked.

    Trapped in the lair of a huge blue dragon, we're faced with a huge copper/brass dragon that's way too high level for us until Jeremy realizes he's got the wrong encounter prepared …

  • W27 Attack on Fort Soon-to-be-Renamed

    Wednesdays Session 27
    date unknown

    We emerge from [[:iron-tooth | Iron Tooth]]'s lair beneath [[Charew Monastery | Charew Monastery]] to find ourselves relatively near [[Fort Sealy |a fort that we'd spotted earlier]]. Fresh from our …

  • W28 Oh, you fools.

    Wednesdays Session 28

    (I missed this session, obviously)

    Lots of backstory and planning, Drexdalin apparently spearheads a plan to trade our superpowerful magical orbs for [[:46529 | Baron Eric Von Hessle]]'s [[ …

  • W30 Search for the Black Dragon Orb

    Wednesdays Session 30

    Drexdalin's Account

    After traveling to [[Cyprinian | Cyprinian]] the city of dragon scholars, we researched where the remaining unclaimed orbs are located. So doing, we encountered a …

  • W31 Trolls and lots of numbers

    Wednesdays Session 31

    We braced ourselves for a terrible encounter and made our way into the swamp cave. The entry tunnel twisted deep into the mountain, sometimes flooded with brackish water or nearly choked with reeds …

  • Ominously Large Underdark Cavern

    A trapdoor underneath the larger warehouse leads to a tunnel that opens up into this huge chamber deep underground. Echoes bounce off nearby stone but are lost on our soft ears in the enormity of this space, but something... something is …

  • Thilaldan

    Born to a peasant family, Thilaldan's parents were older and died before he was the age of six. He was taken in by his uncle, who was a sage that dabbled in magic. He mimicked his uncle at first, and then his uncle saw that he had a gift for magic and …

  • Deimos Morganstern

    p. Known as "The Traveler", "The Messenger", and "The Keeper of Secrets", Deimos is a diplomat and acolyte of knowledge from far off lands. While his story is long and convoluted, it is known that he was originally from The Shadowfell, but not exactly …

  • Colt

    Fail your perception check at your own risk. You might be on the receiving ending of a Longtooth shifter, riding on his mattress chariot down that high around the bend. Colt, given name of his biological parents, is your classic cross between a …