AC – Higher than yours

HP – More than Joo.

Weapons – whatever that’s in reach

Saves – depends….do you still fight like my grandmother

Armor – not too heavy, not too light


Fail your perception check at your own risk. You might be on the receiving ending of a Longtooth shifter, riding on his mattress chariot down that high around the bend.

Colt, given name of his biological parents, is your classic cross between a champion of nature and cut throat mercenary seeking his fortune. A product of his parent’s up bring early on but harsh world of his human family showed the value of those who have vs the have not’s; have created a paradox in the morals and ethics of adventuring life. Included upon this already unsteady mix of direction, many would describe him as unstable, insanity perhaps.

(I’m tired, will finish later)


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